About us

Founded in 2011, RF wave Technologies Corporation designs and develops high performance modules, for technically demanding radio frequency (RF), and microwave wave applications covering the frequency range of DC to 8.5 GHz.

Our Commitment to Innovation, Design & Quality Products is the combination of our proprietary circuit design, device modeling expertise, and our broad in-house engineering, assembly, and test capabilities provides us with a competitive advantage and enables us to deliver high performance, high value products to our customers. Our business is characterized by the breadth and diversity of our product offerings, customer base, and numerous applications.

RF wave technologies can supply many of today's most significant military and homeland security defense electronics programs. Applications include satellite, radar, radio communications, fire control radars, telemetry applications, missile guidance systems, mobile radio base stations and air traffic control and communications.
Commercial products include high-performance receive and Transmit filters, diplexers, triplexes, attenuators, terminations, DC block, Bias tees and wireless filter assemblies for base Station requirements.


Market application areas

1. RF receivers and transmitters manufacturers

2. Mobile phone manufacturers

3. Cable TV and mobile TV receiver end applications.

4. Lab equipment manufacturers like Agilent

5. Cellular, Mobile TV, cable TV and Mobile handsets base stations

6. Also for Military and space applications - EW, ECM, ESM, Radar,
communications and other military


7. Industrial & Medical - Industrial Telemetry and Automation system and measurement set ups, and MRI or Patient monitoring

8. GPS - GPS Bands L1 and L2

9. Avionics & Radar - Use indoors and outdoors in base stations operating in all cellular bands

10. Wi-Fi - reliable service

11. Satellite - uplink and downlink frequency for satcom systems up to 20 GHz

12. Point to Point - point to point radio band up to 38 GHz etc..,